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Under Water Logging Inc. is a unique, independent business. Years of experience and research have resulted in the development of an unique underwater saw. We are way ahead of our competition.
This equipment cuts standing trees underwater that can't be seen. This is possible with the use of sonar and underwater cameras.
There is no depth limit or water too cold. In harvesting this way the original terrain is not a factor. But the wealth of old growth timber is a factor. The underwater saw can cut trees up to eight feet in diameter. The company recently completed a project for Puget Power & light in Belleview, Washington. The project involved cutting timber from below a dam on Lake Shannon outside of Concrete, Washington. The dam, built in the 1920's caused the flooding of an old growth forest with Douglas firs as big as seven feet in diameter. The recovery rate of 10 -12 trees a day resulted in 250,000 board feet in a sixty day period. The huge trees had to be cut in 13 foot lengths because a 45 - ton crane could not lift more than that.

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